Welcome to Way2Finds

Way2Finds began with a very simple idea: Let’s create an online destination where we can share our discoveries, especially those items purchased and then often used in unusual ways in our homes.

However, as we thought more about this idea of “discoveries”, we realized how time consuming, and even frustrating, the search can sometimes be for many of us. Why not make it easier to find, and to purchase, these items? So we set out to do the ‘heavy lifting”, seeking out the truly “inspiring and intriguing” whether discovered at yard sales (or similar events), when interacting with talented artists and makers, working with owners of arresting boutiques (coming soon) to feature their favorites, and/or carefully selecting the “best of the best” from more mainstream vendors. You never know where a true discovery, one that raises a room or area of our home to a whole new level, will be found.

So the hard work began to bring this unique assortment of high quality, carefully curated products to consumers just like us. What you see now is just the beginning – but already we are seeking to make the experience of shopping at Way2Finds far from ordinary. We want to bring you with us on our travels, and to also keep you up to date on what we see coming next so we’ll be sharing plenty of content and inspiration. However, we also want to hear, and learn, from you. We’ll be sharing your Instagram photos (just use hashtag #Way2Finds) and inviting you to share how you are using items purchased here in your own home. Eventually we plan to offer you even more opportunities to talk about, share and learn from one another too!

We’re actually a lot like all of you. We believe that home should be a reflection of our own personalities, no matter what our budgets or what the actual space is like. We will do our very best to make this happen for you and for us.


Jennifer Friedberg