Patrick LoCicero

Patrick specializes in creating mixed-media collages that tell stories. His work is part of many public and private collections. When talking about his work Patrick often references the idea of traveling, defined both as moving from place to place as well as moving between time periods, makes him and his stunning creations a perfect premier partner for Way2Finds.


In LoCicero’s work travel is used as a metaphor for various kinds of passages – literally, symbolically, and culturally. As he writes on his site, “I am fascinated by the idea of physically moving from one place to another as well as the concept of moving through memories and associates from one time period to another.” Often this results in using overlap and collage to relate to the images LoCicero depicts in his work, also guiding him in his choice of subjects. He is also intrigued with the past and with associations that can be made with aged surfaces and vintage epherma, and within his San Francisco studio he surrounds himself with many inspirational objects.


LoCicero received his BFA from Ohio State University and earned his MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. His work today can be found at galleries throughout the United States, as well as included in many distinguished public and private collections.